Latest Publications
10th December 2021

Digital twins are becoming a key in modern design and development. We have been looking at feature extraction and development of predictive reduced-order models for reacting flow applications, where the challenge is the high-non linearity of the problem. The main outcomes are in the following open access publications:

PCA and Kriging for the efficient exploration of consistency regions in Uncertainty Quantification

Gianmarco Aversano, John Camilo Parra-Alvarez, Benjamin J. Isaac, Sean T. Smith, Axel Coussement, Olivier Gicquel, Alessandro Parente

Application of machine learning for filtered density function closure in mild combustion

Zhi X. Chen, Salvatore Iavarone, Golnoush Ghiasi, Veeraraghavan Kannan, Giuseppe D’Alessio, Alessandro Parente, Nedunchezhian Swaminathan.

Adaptive chemistry via pre-partitioning of composition space and mechanism reduction

Giuseppe D’Alessio, Alessandro Parente, Alessandro Stagni, Alberto Cuoci

Combustion modeling using Principal Component Analysis: A posteriori validation on Sandia flames D, E and F

Mohammad Rafi Malik, Pedro Obando Vega, Axel Coussement, Alessandro Parente

PCAfold: Python software to generate, analyze and improve PCA-derived low-dimensional manifolds

Kamila Zdybał, Elizabeth Armstrong, Alessandro Parente, James C Sutherland

Latest Publications
10th December 2021

Reactor-based models for turbulent combustion provide an effective way to handle detailed chemistry at an affordable way. We have recently been looking at the role of mixing models and chemical time scale estimation on the predictions. The results are summarised in the following open access publications:

OptiSMOKE++: A toolbox for optimization of chemical kinetic mechanisms

Magnus Fürst, Andrea Bertolino, Alberto Cuoci, Tiziano Faravelli, Alessio Frassoldati, Alessandro Parente

A multiscale combustion model formulation for NOx predictions in hydrogen enriched jet flames

Salvatore Iavarone, Marianna Cafiero, Marco Ferrarotti, Francesco Contino, Alessandro Parente

An a priori assessment of the Partially Stirred Reactor (PaSR) model for MILD combustion

Salvatore Iavarone, Arthur Péquin, Zhi X Chen, Nguyen Anh Khoa Doan, Nedunchezhian Swaminathan, Alessandro Parente

Numerical and experimental investigation of turbulent n-heptane jet-in-hot-coflow flames

Zhiyi Li, Michael J Evans, Jingjing Ye, Paul R Medwell, Alessandro Parente

Characterization of jet-in-hot-coflow flames using tangential stretching rate

Zhiyi Li, Riccardo Malpica Galassi, Pietro Paolo Ciottoli, Alessandro Parente, Mauro Valorani

Study of MILD combustion using LES and advanced analysis tools

Zhiyi Li, Stefanie Tomasch, Zhi X Chen, Alessandro Parente, Ivar S Ertesvåg, Nedunchezhian Swaminathan