Dr. Saurabh Sharma (Post Doc)

“I am interested in new fuels”

Role in Vademecom:
I am working on combustion of novel fuels such as ammonia, hydrogen, and dimethyl ether in a semi-industrial furnace operating in flameless mode. Flameless combustion is a novel technique which keeps NOx very low while operating with high furnace temperatures. The objective is to access the potential of these new carriers and their mixtures in terms of low emission combustion in a 15-kW flameless furnace. I also measure furnace temperatures and OH*/CH*chemiluminescence. The experimental work for the measurement of combustion characteristics is also assisted with robust CFD calculations for validation purposes. Soon, I am planning to test the oxy-fuel combustion in the above stated flameless furnace. In oxy-fuel combustion, the oxidizer is pure oxygen instead of atmospheric air.

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