WP1 – High-fidelity experimental data

WP1 focuses on the identification of high-fidelity experimental data and the definition of new validation experiments under MILD conditions. MILD and oxy-MILD combustion. Measurements will include PIV for flow field characterisation, OH* and PLIF-OH, to investigate the ignition mechanism and the flame structure, PLIF-NO and LII, to investigate NO and soot formation.

WP2 – Homogeneous chemical kinetics for MILD and oxy-MILD combustion

WP2 focuses on the validation, reduction and optimization of comprehensive chemical mechanisms for large-scale simulations of MILD combustion processes.

WP3 – Turbulent combustion modelling for the simulations of MILD and oxy-MILD combustion

WP3 represents the project core and focuses on the development of novel combustion models to handle the complex turbulence/chemistry interactions in MILD combustion, providing an accurate representation of mixing and incorporating finite-rate chemistry efficiently.

WP4 – Validation/Uncertainty Quantification and Advanced Surrogate Models

WP4 focuses on Validation and Uncertainty quantification, to make an inventory of the uncertainty sources, define the quantities of interest for the overarching problem, develop advanced surrogate models and identify the consistency regions between experiments and simulations.